Photos of Wedding Photographers Practicing Their Craft

I like shooting pics of other photographers in the middle of their work. Photographers are mostly unseen, as they’re seldom in the pictures they shoot. Nobody ever photographs the photographer. As the family photog, I’m in 2% of all photos. I captured this sequence of wedding photographers/videographers working on the beach in Aptos last weekend. They appeared on the beach in a flurry, along with their subjects, did a 10 minute walking shoot, and disappeared just as they came.


About Robert Raines

I manage Chevron's digital analytics and insights group. Previously, I led Chevron's corporate digital and social media, ran product management at E-Loan, managed acquisition marketing at Pacific Bell Wireless, and brand-managed food products at Quaker Oats. I'm a dad, husband, son, amateur photographer and videographer, folk music lover, 4-chord guitarist, and coffee geek, not in any particular order. Always curious, I'm a chronic learner ready for the next adventure.
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