Vine Video Examples: Cooking Class

I recently took a cooking class at Back to the Table Cooking School in Lafayette, CA. During the class, I shot some Vine videos of the various recipes we created to show how they moved from preparation to finished product. I like the Vine concept a lot: short stories in a fast-moving visual format. It’s perfect for digital and social media. The lack of editing tools is both frustrating and liberating all at the same time. It’s a bit of a throwback to when film cameras ruled the world and you had to get the shot right the first time.


About Robert Raines

I manage Chevron's digital analytics and insights group. Previously, I led Chevron's corporate digital and social media, ran product management at E-Loan, managed acquisition marketing at Pacific Bell Wireless, and brand-managed food products at Quaker Oats. I'm a dad, husband, son, amateur photographer and videographer, folk music lover, 4-chord guitarist, and coffee geek, not in any particular order. Always curious, I'm a chronic learner ready for the next adventure.
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