Giant Dipper

20130823-215108.jpgTaken at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.


About Robert Raines

I manage Chevron's digital analytics and insights group. Previously, I led Chevron's corporate digital and social media, ran product management at E-Loan, managed acquisition marketing at Pacific Bell Wireless, and brand-managed food products at Quaker Oats. I'm a dad, husband, son, amateur photographer and videographer, folk music lover, 4-chord guitarist, and coffee geek, not in any particular order. Always curious, I'm a chronic learner ready for the next adventure.
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3 Responses to Giant Dipper

  1. Great colors and lines. Growing up this was one of my favorite places to go. I’ve got to get back to photograph the many rides. Does the merry-go-round still have the ring toss?

    • Thanks. It’s a great place to shoot. Yes, the carousel is still there and still has the ring toss along with three great mechanical organs to provide music.

      I’ve got a bunch of video in the can and someday will pull it together into something worth sharing.

      • Great, I look forward to seeing it some day.
        I’ve got great memories of both the carousel and the roller coaster. There was a recent article or radio program on the carousel. It maybe on a website related to the Santa Cruz Carousel. Sorry no time to look for it right now. I’m headed to the beach with my grand kids.

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