Artist Statement
In my artistic practice, I weave together the intricate threads of geometric patterns, the tactile richness of visible textures, and the rhythmic dance of parallel and converging lines. I find inspiration from their angular collisions—a reminder that even chaos adheres to hidden rules.
Organic textures breathe life into my imagery. The gnarled bark of ancient trees, the delicate veins of leaves, and the weathered contours of stone—they tell stories of resilience and adaptation. I also celebrate what humans have created—rough-hewn edges of city walls, polished surfaces of skyscrapers, and hidden corridors of conduit that make our society function. 
Through my art, I invite viewers to pause, trace the lines, feel the textures, and recognize the interconnectedness of our world.
Robert Raines is a photographer, printmaker and documentary filmmaker living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Born and raised in New York City, Robert developed and printed his first analog photograph at age 12. Using a photography-based approach for his printmaking work, Robert’s imagery tends toward the bold and graphic, with vibrant colors and strong contrast, a nod to his background in marketing and advertising. 
Robert received a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Harvard and a master’s degree in marketing from the University of Chicago. After a career in business, he studied printmaking with Toru Sugita at Diablo Valley College. His work can be found in private collections from New England to California.
Robert Raines
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